Webservice and IT Solutions

This call for tenders aims at selecting a tenderer who will carry out the work of:

  1. Advising the ESPON CU on feasible technical server solutions;
  2. Structuring the ESPON 2013 Website, i.e. generally approaching and defining the information tree and page content;
  3. Implementing the functionality and content-related functions, including new web facilities;
  4. Integrating additional internet facilities / tools;
  5. Applying technical solutions, i.e. Content Management System, website maintenance, web management;
  6. Training ESPON CU Staff in web mastering / authoring;
  7. Hosting services, i.e. the ESPON Website, Intranet, Programme Monitoring System (PMS) / Financial Monitoring System (FMS), Microsoft Exchange Server (MES).

Each of the services is further explained in the technical and administrative terms and conditions.

Those interested are invited to refer to the notice n° 327820-2008 published in the Official Journal, S246 of 18.12.2008. Deadline for the receipt of tenders: 10 February 2009 by 14h00.