Open Invitation to Submit Proposals for Targeted Analyses

Policymakers and practitioners at all administrative levels and territorial scales are key stakeholders for the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme. Through direct investments and policy implementation they contribute to the achievement of European policy goals related to territorial development and cohesion. 

The ESPON EGTC is therefore pleased to announce the next cut-off date for the submission of proposals for Targeted Analyses. These projects shall use ESPON territorial evidence in concrete practise with the objective of directly contributing to informing policy decisions and territorial development strategies.

How does it work?

Stakeholders develop their project proposals and submit them for evaluation to the ESPON EGTC. Selected proposals will be considered by the ESPON EGTC for implementation as Targeted Analyses projects. An interactive and iterative process will be ensured, which will bring together stakeholders and experts who will combine ESPON results with the knowledge and experience of policymakers and practitioners.

How to apply?

Stakeholder proposals for ESPON Targeted Analyses can be submitted at anytime. The ESPON EGTC evaluates twice per year all stakeholder proposals received by certain cut-off dates. The exact deadlines will be advertised on the ESPON website

The next cut-off date for the submission of stakeholder proposals is on 13 January 2017.

Stakeholder proposals must be submitted electronically with a digital application form. The application form includes information on how and to whom the stakeholder proposal needs to be sent to and which documents need to be enclosed. A guidance document is available for download on the ESPON website to support stakeholders in preparing their proposals.

Proposals can be submitted by groups of stakeholders sharing a common analytical need as well as by individual stakeholders. It is also possible to include relevant umbrella organisations from European, national or regional level in the steering of a Targeted Analysis.

Networking opportunity - Stakeholder Café

At the ESPON Seminar “Where are European cities heading? Evidence for better policy-making” which takes place in Bratislava on 07 and 08 December 2016, the ESPON EGTC has designed a special session dedicated to stakeholders “ESPON on your demand: targeted analyses approach”. The session includes a Stakeholder Café. More

How will stakeholder proposals be selected?

It is important that applicants carefully consider their project proposal in the context of the selection and eligibility criteria and complete the application form in full.

If a proposal fails to get selected, stakeholders have a possibility to improve their proposals and resubmit them at a later stage.

Who to contact for further advice?

Staff at the ESPON EGTC is available to field queries on developing stakeholder proposals. Please email any queries you may have to [email protected].

More information

This invitation has been published at the Official Journal of the European Union, OJ C 339 of 16.9.2016.


Guidance - Version 22 December 2016

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Additional Information - Version 22 December 2016

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Application Form

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Letter of Commitment

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Declaration of No Conflict of Interest

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Stakeholder Cooperation Agreement

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