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  • Map Internet Interaction with public authorities
    Public Consultation | 29 June 2017

    Digital tools and solutions are transforming public services and how governments respond to citizens’ needs.

  • ESPON EGTC Vacancy - ESPON Infoday
    Previous Vacancies | 12 June 2017

    The ESPON EGTC is recruiting a Financial Expert/Contract management and Financial Control for a period of two years. Main tasks will cover contract management for projects and internal financial control. Deadline for submitting an application is 12 July 2017 at 16h00.

  • Previous Vacancies | 16 May 2017

    Trainees The ESPON EGTC is looking for two trainees for a period of 5 months.

  • Previous Calls | 10 May 2017

    "Territories with geographical specificities". The main objective of this service contract is to reveal opportunities and challenges of the territorial types of geographic specificities.

  • Previous Calls | 10 May 2017

    "Youth unemployment: territorial trends and regional resilience". The research activity should provide territorial evidence on youth unemployment causes, trends and dynamics with a particular focus on the regional resilience to youth unemployment in different types of regions. 

  • Pre-Announcement | 27 April 2017

    The ESPON EGTC will tender the following service contracts:

  • Previous Calls | 19 April 2017

    "Impacts of refugee flows to territorial development in Europe". The objective of this service is to provide evidence on the regional and urban aspects of refugee migration to Europe focusing on different types of European regions and cities.

  • Previous Calls | 19 April 2017

    "Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences"

  • Previous Calls | 19 April 2017

    "Financial Instruments and Territorial Cohesion"

  • Previous Vacancies | 7 April 2017

    Lawyer/European and Luxembourg law (one year fixed term contract)