Thematic Action Plan on ‘Perspective for all people and places’

The ‘Perspective for all people and places’ is a comprehensive and cross-cutting TAP, which contains territorial evidence on the key trends and determinants of upward economic and social convergence between European territories. The objective of this TAP is to develop the knowledge base as regards the territorial patterns of social and economic convergence in order to promote better balanced territorial development and less inequalities or disparities between people and places, better addressing territorial focused policies, avoiding possible pitfalls and unintended effects.

Through the observations for the entire ESPON Programme area, this TAP intends to provide new insights on how to mitigate the consequences of the current COVID pandemic and other subsequent territorially relevant challenges, with a view on reducing territorial fragmentations and socio-economic fallouts in particular for vulnerable groups or regions. Focusing at various territorial levels on the drivers and consequences of economic and social convergence, this TAP aims at promoting the diversity and the potentials of European territories as a key determinant to secure sustainable territorial development beyond sole economic growth, facing global challenges and promoting local heritage, capacity or specificity.

Among others, this TAP:

  • includes comparative studies aimed at a better understanding the increasing territorial and societal fragmentation at different territorial levels, which is sometimes fuelling growing disenchantment or discontent (focusing e.g. on demography, social inequalities and poverty, new forms of spatial segregation and social polarisation, income distribution, labour markets, access/ affordability of services of general interest, housing, education and lifelong learning, healthcare, cultural heritage or quality of life as a whole);
  • informs EU and national policies on the impact of public investments to address social upwards convergence and promote policies that pay attention to development potential for all places in Europe, and that favour the socio-economic integration of disadvantaged groups;
  • strengthens the capacities and skills of policy makers in order to promote the diversity of European territories, to develop and shape built environments and settlements, creating more attractive living environments, to secure and provide qualitative and affordable public services, and to identify diversified job opportunities.
  • informs territorial strategies of the ESPON countries and regions in the aftermath of the current COVID-19 crisis with the focus of less inequalities between people and places.

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