Policy Guide "CIRCTER – Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences"

A transition towards a circular economy does not happen by itself; it needs to be supported and encouraged by policy and planning. Regions and cities are recognised to be well positioned to carry out the circular economy transition.

This interactive policy guide aims to support policy makers at regional and city levels to develop and implement a policy strategy towards a circular economy.

The policy guide provides suggestions on how to assess the local and regional contexts needed to adopt the right policy strategies and targets. It also gives insights on how to choose the right policy strategy, define priority areas, set favourable framework conditions and how to monitor and evaluate the outcomes. Examples are used throughout the guide to illustrate the various elements.

This guide aims to fill that gap, helping policy makers develop policies to facilitate the circular economy transition by creating favourable framework conditions depending on the characteristics of the territory. The guidance provided here is based on analysis and insights generated by the ESPON CIRCTER project.

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