Powiat Wieuszowski - PROFECY

Each case study within the PROFECY project looks into real inner peripheral problems and by applying the theoretical concepts and analysing the critical factors and drivers in the inner peripheral processes aims to improve practical responses. The Poviat of Wieruszów in Poland is characterized by a rather stable economic development but faces serious challenges regarding outmigration of young, working age people and very low quality of local transport network and public services. This case study discusses, among others, the necessity of improving the cooperation between local governments and the development of entrepreneurship, both acquiring large investors as well as developing medium and small local enterprises to address their peripherality.

Identity :

Case study: Powiat Wieuszowski

Country: Poland (PL) 

Project: Processes, Features and Cycles of Inner Peripheries in Europe (PROFECY) 

Delivery: 12/2017

Population: 42,260 (2013)

Classification: LAU1