Territorial dimension of the Lisbon/Gothenburg Process

ESPON Project 3.3

Thematic scope and context

Studying the territorial dimension of the Lisbon/Gothenburg Agenda comprises a multitude of very complex and broad processes and contexts. It will neither be feasible to conduct an analysis of the impact of the Lisbon/Gothenburg strategy nor to embrace all factors of competitiveness.

The main scope of the study is to develop a number of basic analytical elements that can introduce territorial cohesion to the Lisbon/Gothenburg strategy and indicate ways of integrating the Lisbon/Gothenburg strategy in Structural Funds interventions in support of a balanced territorial development of the enlarged EU. Of particular importance is to identify additional (territorial) indicators to the indicators chosen to monitor the Lisbon/Gothenburg strategy, which can be recommended to be taken into account at political level.

Lead Partner

University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Rome (Italy).
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3.3 - Final Report

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