Thematic Study on Spatial Visions and Scenarios

Spatial vision and scenario activities currently carried out in the framework of INTERREG III Programmes are one of the meeting points between INTERREG and ESPON working on Europe-wide territorial development scenarios.

The aim of this study is to analyse and compare the various ongoing spatial vision and scenario activities in INTERREG III and ESPON programmes in order to draw up proposals for future action, identify gaps and stimulate synergies. Possible synergies and mutual learning regarding the content (spatial development trends and aims etc.), the methodologies and approaches (quantitative, qualitative, participatory techniques) and the envisaged results incl. applications strategies and “mental ownership” will be the main outcomes of this study.

The project is carried out by a research team composed by staff from EureConsult, Luxembourg, and Tersyn, France.

Final Delivery

The Final report is available below.

Lead Partner

EureConsult, Helmsange, Luxembourg.


Terms of Reference

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