ESPON Project 3.1

Thematic scope and context

The project comprises: Support to the co-ordination on technical and scientific level of the ESPON 2006 Programme and the projects under measure 1 and 2, including data collection, development of a GIS facility and map-making, thematic coordination preparing for the cross thematic exploitation of integrated results based on all projects prepared under the programme.

The work has addressed five levels:

  • Technical and analytical support and coordination (data-base, GIS and mapmaking, concepts and typologies for spatial analyses, spatial concepts)
  • Territorial and thematic coordination of the ongoing projects
  • Preparation for the exploitation of results of all projects
  • Compilation and structuring of recommendations to further policy development in support of territorial cohesion
  • Assistance in the promotion and networking of the ESPON programme

The project has its central task in offering scientific support for the achievement of the objective of the ESPON 2006 Programme.

Lead Partner

Bundesamt fuer Bauwesen und Raumordnung (BBR), Bonn (Germany).
Detailed information on the contracted project team under Transnational Project Groups.


3.1 - Final Report

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3.1 - 3rd Interim Report

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3.1 - 2nd Interim Report

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3.1 - 1st Interim Report

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Terms of Reference

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