Energy services, networks and territorial impact EU energy policy

ESPON project 2.1.4

Thematic scope and context

This project provides basic evidence and background information, necessary for a more informed discussion on energy policy impact in Europe. The ambition was to show how energy infrastructures and production and consumption are linked with economic and human activity, and thereby to provide a basis for understanding to what extent territorial development depends on, or is influenced by the energy sector.

It presents an overview of European energy supply (networks, infrastructures and services, with regard to different types of energy), basic consumption patterns, as well as a tentative prospective analysis of possible effects of energy policy impact, in terms of regional development, considering energy supply as a potentially influent location factor for economic activities. Regarding more environmental (sustainability) objectives, the project also considers the potential for development of renewable energy over Europe, and enumerates a number of policy recommendations in order to promote their development. Finally, an interesting attempt was made to estimate the impact that a 10% energy price change (increase and decrease) can have on regional GDP.

Lead Partner

CEEETA, Lisbon (Portugal).
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2.1.4 - Final Report (Version 11.08.2005)

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2.1.4 - 3rd Interim Report

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2.1.4 - 2nd Interim Report

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2.1.4 - 1st Interim Report

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Terms of Reference

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