Territorial impact of CAP and Rural Development Policy

ESPON project 2.1.3

Thematic scope and context

The (Common) Agricultural Policy (CAP) faces particular demands in the light of recent developments. Most prominent are: reforms of the support system, the consequences of enlargement, agriculture increasingly deals with the production of non-food goods, the changing role of farmers’ society towards landscape conservation and environmental management. Recent developments in the meat sector call for less intensive meat production, and a trend towards more organic and sustainable agriculture is foreseeable. These development trends influencing agricultural production and policy do not affect all regions in the same way. A territorial impact analysis identifies territorial patterns of the regional distribution of the CAP shows that this EU policy do not have cohesion as an aim.

Lead Partner

University of Aberdeen, Arkleton Centre for Rural Development Research, Aberdeen (UK).
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2.1.3 - Final Report

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