Territorial trends and impacts of EU Environment Policy

ESPON project 2.4.1

Thematic scope and context

The aim of this ESPON project is to prepare for the improvement of knowledge on environmental issues and trends as well as impacts EU Environmental Policy related to the development of the European territory.

The project shall prepare for a better understanding and integration of the environmental dimension as part of a sustainable territorial development.

Future applied research has to build on existing research and sources of information.

The project is supposed to take a broad perspective to environmental elements and the policy areas being processed as part of EU Environmental Policy. Based on this approach creating a broad overview the project is supposed to narrow in on the most relevant issues and policy areas relevant for territorial development. In doing so, the project should be able to contribute to a targeting of future applied research projects crossing territorial and environmental concerns and potentials.

Lead Partner

Geological Survey of Finland, Espoo (Finland).
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2.4.1 Final Report

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2.4.1 - 1st Interim Report

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Terms of Reference

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