Targeted Analyses

Targeted Analyses, conducted under Priority 2 of the ESPON 2013 Programme, represent a new type of projects supporting the use of existing results in partnership with different groups of stakeholders.

Introducing a new approach to the generation of project ideas as well as to the implementation of projects, Targeted Analyses provide an opportunity to stakeholders for:

  1. Enhancing their understanding of the larger territorial context,
  2. Making comparisons to other territories, regions and cities, and
  3. Including a European perspective to considerations on the development of their territories.

The Targeted Analyses are carried through in close cooperation between stakeholders, a group of experts and the ESPON Programme and emphasis is put on the operational use of the results of the analyses in practice.

The following Targeted Analyses are available:

  1. Agglomeration economies: CAEE - The Case for Agglomeration Economies in Europe
  2. Airports: ADES - Airports as Drivers of Economic Success in Peripheral Regions
  3. Convergence regions: SURE - Success for Convergence Regions’ Economies
  4. Cross-border development: ULYSSES - Using applied research results from ESPON as a yardstick for cross-border spatial development planning
  5. Energy: NSS - NORTH SEA STAR, North Sea - Spreading Transnational Results
  6. European cooperation: TranSMEC - Transnational Support Method for European Cooperation
  7. Growth poles: GROSEE - Growth Poles in South-East Europe
  8. Indicators for Territorial Cohesion: KITCASP - Key Indicators for Territorial Cohesion and Spatial Planning
  9. Integrated strategies: RISE - Identifying and Exchanging Best Practices in Developing Regional Integrated Strategies in Europe
  10. Islands: EUROISLANDS- The Development of the Islands – European Islands and Cohesion Policy
  11. Landscape: LP3LP - Landscape Policy for the 3 Countries Park
  12. Landscape: LIVELAND - Liveable Landscapes: a Key Value for Sustainable Territorial Development
  13. Metropolitan regions: BEST METROPOLISES - Best Development Conditions in European Metropolises: Paris, Berlin and Warsaw
  14. Metropolitan regions: METROBORDER - Cross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions
  15. Metropolitan regions: POLYCE - Metropolisation and Polycentric Development in Central Europe: Evidence Based Strategic Options
  16. R&D: AMCER - Advanced Monitoring and Coordination of EU R&D Policies at Regional Level
  17. Rural migration: SEMIGRA - Selective Migration and Unbalanced Sex Ratio in Rural Regions
  18. Rural regions: PURR - Potential of Rural Regions
  19. Scenarios: SS-LR - Spatial Scenarios: New Tools for Local-Regional Territories
  20. Territorial diversity: ESPON TEDI - Territorial Diversity in Europe
  21. Territorial governance: SMART-IST, Smart Institutions for Territorial Development
  22. Territorial impact assessment: EATIA - ESPON and Territorial Impact Assessment
  23. Territorial performance: TPM - Territorial Performance Monitoring