SS-LR - Spatial Scenarios: New Tools for Local-Regional Territories

Thematic scope

The capacity to transfer methodologies of spatial scenarios to the local-regional scale is a subject of major relevance. Policy makers and the main stakeholders involved in strategic planning processes need territorial forecasting instruments to detect the main critical factors and trends in order to anticipate changes in the environment. There is a need to develop and apply regional forecasting methodologies and instruments at the appropriate territorial scale, responding to functional local-regional territories.
The purpose of this targeted analysis is to transfer, adapt and apply the same spatial scenarios’ methodology used within the ESPON Project 3.2 at functional territorial scale, equal or lower than NUTS3. The methodology and instruments will be applied to the case of Barcelona Provincial Council (BPC). The outcome of this project should enable policy makers to draw up regional, social and economic territorial policies and development strategies for their territories.

Please read more about the main areas of analysis and main results envisaged.


  • Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain (Lead Stakeholder)
  • Province of Torino, Italy
  • Department of the Hérault, France

Lead partner

Polytechnics of Milan – DIG (Italy)
Detailed information on the contracted project team can be found under Transnational Project Groups.

Budget: € 178.000,00

Project’s lifetime
: March 2009 – June 2010

Delivery of Reports

Inception Report: 26 May 2009
Interim Report: 1 December 2009
Draft Final Report: 4 May 2010
Final Report: 30 July 2010


Reports will be published once they are approved by the ESPON Monitoring Committee

More information

Please contact the Project Expert at the ESPON Coordination Unit:
Sara FERRARA, e-mail: [email protected]

Main areas of analysis

  • Transfer of the ESPON 2006 methodology of the “Spatial Scenarios” project to territorial scales in and below NUTS 3.
  • Adaptation of thematic scenarios to the local-regional scale - the global economic and financial scenario, the role of the emerging economies, the energy and oil price scenario, the new emerging role of the rural areas.
  • Adaptation of integrated scenarios (baseline, cohesive, competitive) to local-regional scale.
  • Adaptation of indicators, maps and tools to local-regional scale.
  • Application of integrated and thematic scenarios to the territory of BPC.
  • Development of tools to produce scenarios on single territories in a European context, synthesis and communication.
  • Policy messages and recommendations, stressing the economic, productive and land-use scenarios.

Main results envisaged

  • Methodology to define scenarios by ESPON at a functional scale equal or below NUTS 3.
  • Spatial scenarios for Barcelona Provincial Council.
  • Tools of spatial scenarios for the local-regional level including both, integrated scenarios and thematic scenarios.
  • Maps synthesising the impacts and trends of policies for the main critical factors for territorial and economic development.
  • Production of comparative analyses emphasising the European perspective and integration of them in permanent tools for analysis and strategic knowledge input.
  • Definition and comparison of different territorial scales for development in the European context using the former ESPON results.


Final Report

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Draft Final Report

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Interim Report

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Inception Report

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Project Specification

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