ESPON QoL – Quality of Life Measurements and Methodology

Theme: Quality of Life Measurements and Methodology


Over the past years, discussions have taken place on how assessing and measuring quality of life and on how more qualitative indicators (such as surveys) can complement existing economic and social indicators to measure territorial development and well-being. Quality of life is being impacted by economic transitions, social changes and environmental challenges. Moreover, enhancing quality of life is a key objective for policy makers. Quality of life can vary significantly between regions and regional differences within countries can be more significant than the difference between countries.

The objective of this service is to build on key relevant initiatives and work mainly by EUROSTAT, the OECD and the UN, and provide evidence, knowledge and recommendations on how quality of life in Europe, its cities and regions can be promoted and achieved in practice and how quality of life aspects can be integrated in territorial development strategies at different geographical levels and in relation to a place-based approach to territorial development.

Policy questions

How does the concept and measurement of quality of life differ in meaning at different scales (national, regional, local)?

What are the territorial dimensions of quality of life? What territorial patterns can be identified?

How can we measure people's quality of life at different geographical levels?

What are possible common indicators, which allow a comparative measurement and how can measurement can be adjusted to different types of territories (by for example allowing for different weights for various dimensions of quality of life)?

How can quality of life aspects be better integrated in territorial development strategies at different geographical levels?

How could quality of life be better integrated in Cohesion policy at European level and in territorial development strategies at national, regional and local levels?



  • ISINNOVA, Italy (lead contractor)
  • Mcrit, Spain
  • Metis, Austria
  • University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Project Support Team

  • Sabine Stölb, Luxembourg
  • Janja Pečar, Slovenia
  • Anna Lea Gestsdóttir, Iceland

Budget: € 596.265,00

Lifetime: February 2019 – August 2020


Inception delivery: 29 April 2019

Interim delivery: 02 December 2019

Draft Final delivery: 24 July 2020

Final delivery: 30 October 2020

Contact: Sandra Di Biaggio (Senior Project Expert) [email protected], Caroline Clause (Financial Expert) [email protected]


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