Targeted Analyses

Under the Specific Objective 2 of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme, “Upgraded knowledge transfer and use of analytical user support”, Targeted Analyses (TA) are powerful means to transfer knowledge, share experience and facilitate the use of European territorial evidence rooted in real place-based policy development processes.

ESPON TA provide a European perspective for stakeholders and are related to their policy contexts.

Further information

The following TA are available:

  1. Regional strategy, ReSSI – Regional strategies for sustainable and inclusive territorial development – Regional interplay and EU dialogue
  2. Territorial Cooperation Areas, ACTAREA – Thinking and Planning in Areas of Territorial Cooperation
  3. Metropolitan areas, SPIMA – Spatial dynamics and strategic planning in metropolitan areas
  4. Protected areas, LinkPas – Linking networks of protected areas to territorial development
  5. Migration flows, Territorial and Urban Potentials Connected to Migration and Refugee Flows
  6. Macro-regional spatial planning, BT2050 – Territorial Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region