Big Data and Housing - Data and maps update


The ESPON SO3 activity Big Data for Territorial Analysis and Housing Dynamics has provided evidence on the housing dynamics in European cities and on the wellbeing of European citizens, in particular related to their housing and living situation. The project developed various methodologies for using existing big data sources and platforms as well as indicators for territorial monitoring and analysis.

Main Objective

The main objective of this service is to update the methodological framework and a selection of the Big Data and Housing indicators developed. The methodologies used will be further developed, mainly in relation to cross-border housing markets dynamic, by using the most recent methodological approaches and by collecting, transforming and harmonising relevant data, maps and indicators. As a follow-up on the case study for Geneva, this will all be applied for five additional cases to investigate in more detail cross-border housing markets

Main outcomes envisaged

The main outcomes of the service should be:

  • Updated Big Data and Housing datasets integrated in the ESPON 2020 Database Portal;
  • Updated Big Data and Housing maps, interpretations and observations, incorporated in the ESPON online MapFinder;
  • Reports explaining the updated methodological framework, methodological issues and results.


  • Intelligent Atlas S.L., ES (lead contractor)
  • Mcrit S.L., ES
  • Cambridge University Technical Services Limited, UK


€ 72.500.00


September 2021 – September 2022


  • Draft Final delivery, 21 April 2022
  • Final delivery, 30 August 2022

Contact: Marjan van Herwijnen (Senior Project Expert) [email protected] and Caroline Clause (Senior Financial Expert) [email protected]