PROFECY - Data and maps update


The ESPON SO1 activity PROFECY has developed strategies for inner peripheries at European level to overcome their marginalising effects. The project developed several ways to identify areas that are inner peripheral and one of these is according to poor access to services of general interest (SGIs): IP delineation 3.

IP delineation 3 is composed of delineations for the following ten SGIs: Banks, Cinemas, Health care (Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies), Schools (primary schools and secondary schools), Retail (supermarkets and convenient stores), Urban morphological zones (proxy for jobs) and Train stations (all passenger train stations). Changes in IP delineation 3 are reflected by changes to the facilities itself (i.e. opening of a new facility or closure of a facility) and changes to the road network (opening of new roads, upgrading of existing roads).

Main Objective

The main objective of this service is to update the road network and the indicators for banks, primary and secondary schools, shops, pharmacies and doctors. In addition, the updated data and resulting maps will be analysed against the current policies and interpreted to provide key observations tailormade for policymakers and policy.

Main outcomes envisaged

The main outcomes of the service should be:

  • Updated distance matrices for NUTS versions 2016 and 2021;
  • Updated PROFECY datasets integrated in the ESPON 2020 Database Portal;
  • Updated PROFECY maps, interpretations and observations, incorporated in the ESPON online MapFinder;
  • Reports explaining methodological issues and results.


  • University of Valencia, ES (lead contractor)
  • TCP International, DE


€ 39.500.00


September 2021 – March 2022


  • Intermediate delivery, 15 November 2021
  • Draft Final delivery, 31 January 2022
  • Final delivery, 15 March 2022

Contact: Marjan van Herwijnen (Senior Project Expert) [email protected] and Caroline Clause (Senior Financial Expert) [email protected]