Cohesion Policy and Quality of Life. The role of metropolitan areas

The ESPON seminar aims at discussing “Quality of Life for territorial and citizen-centric policies” bringing together the latest research on the topic and policy challenges. Improving the Quality of Life is a key objective for policymakers at different scales, and it has become more relevant in the policy agenda along with increasing demands for the participation of citizens in the political process. 

Metropolitan areas have an important role in supporting the quality of life of their citizens. Experts, policy maker and scientists present the final METRO project findings, exploring opportunities, challenges, and objectives of the cohesion policy in metropolitan areas. They are also discussing how a metropolitan dimension can contribute to enhance the quality of life in our cities and metropolitan areas.

In this video a debate with:

Alessandra Barbieri, Municipality of Florence (IT)

Christophe Demaziere, DEMAZIERE (FR)

Claudia Fassero, Citta Metropolitana di Torino (IT)

Clémentine Dubois, Metropolitan Area of Lyon (FR)             

Filipe Ferreira, Lisbon Metropolitan Area (PT)

Giancarlo Cotella, Politecnico di Torino (IT)

Jacek Zaucha / Iwona Sagan, Institute for development (PL)

Joanna Bogdziewicz-Wróblewska, Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area (PL)

Luděk Sýkora, Charles University (CZ)

Marc Marti Costa, Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies (ES)

Mário Vale, University of Lisbon, (PT)

Pietro Reviglio, Eurocities (BE)

Sandrine De Meyer, (BE)

Xavi Tiana, Barcelona Metropolitan Area (ES)

Zaiga Krišjāne, University of Latvia, LV

Find links to all the sessions of the seminar and the presentations available to download here

You can read articles by Claudia Fassero and Sandrine De Meyer on the same topic in our TerritoriALL magazine


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