ESPON Peer Learning Workshop - Refugees integration in Sweden



19 October 2020

You are cordially invited to attend a virtual peer learning workshop on the 19th of October 2020 (13h30 - 16h45). The workshop will aim at bridging gaps between research and analyses from the European level to local and regional realities, as well as to draft cross-border comparisons regarding refugee’s integration. This process is expected to result in a better understanding of success stories and failures of integration through the eyes of the participants. It will also give an overview of the real needs of stakeholders in terms of research and data to support their initiatives and policy-making processes. The format of ‘peer-learning’ will allow participants to reflect on their own practices and to think together about room for improvement at different scales.

Discussions during this half-day will focus on 3 major challenges regarding refugees integration : education, access to the labour market and access to housing. The workshop will aim at establishing a mutual peer-to-peer learning process between stakeholders and researchers from the European or national level and Swedish participants from all level of governance.

The presentations from the event:


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