Report on the Quality of Life in the Alpine Area

Are you a policymaker in the Alpine region? The final report "ESPON Territorial Studies: Quality of Life in the Alpine Area" is not to be missed: It provides valuable data, methodologies, and recommendations that can significantly contribute to evidence-based policy making aimed at improving quality of life in the Alpine area. It offers a holistic understanding of the region's QoL dynamics and proposes practical strategies for addressing identified challenges and leveraging opportunities.

The publication covers:

- Groundbreaking Insights into the dynamics of quality of life (QoL) in the Alpine area by providing fresh perspectives and valuable data 

- New Territorial Evidence addressing the specific challenges and opportunities within different areas of the Alpine area.

Living Labs providing a bottom-up approach to identifying QoL priorities thanks to the engagement of stakeholders and citizens' focus groups in various regions such as Canton Ticino, Trento, Koroška region, and Unterkärnten. This ensures that policy decisions are informed by the perspectives and needs of the people living in these areas.

- Composite Index Approach aggregating proxy indicators for 22 QoL sub-domains. This nuanced understanding of QoL variations within the Alpine area allows for targeted interventions that address specific challenges faced by different communities

- Three-fold Strategy offering a comprehensive framework for policy makers to tackle QoL challenges effectively

Would you like to know more? Read the report here!