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Version Version 1.0

developed by Technopolis Group and Waat

The SDGs benchmarking tool aims at providing support to governments at all levels in localising and achieving the SDGs. It is a simple, intuitive and user-friendly web application that helps policy makers turn a large volume of indicators in insights contributing to providing answers to questions such as:

- Is my region making progress towards achieving the SDG targets?

- Is my region lagging behind or leading in achieving SDGs compared to other similar regions?

- From which regions in Europe can I draw inspiration to progress towards the SDGs?

- Which regions would benefit from targeted support to help step up action to improve their progress and thus contribute substantially to the national progress on the SDGs?

The web tool allows the user to select a range of different indicators related to the 17 sustainable development goals. Data at NUTS 2 level are available for comparing and benchmarking one’s regions. The user can display the distance to targets by indicator as well as track progress for each indicator along multiple periods in time. This can be done for all regions, but also with a focus on regions similar to their own with regards to various aspects. Finally, the user can become inspired by examples found in the library which showcase regional initiatives and related studies.

The SDGs benchmarking tool is the outcome of the ESPON 2020 project “SDG localising tool”. Because data for indicators measuring the SDGs at NUTS3 level appeared to be not sufficiently available, it was decided to develop the SDG tool for data at NUTS2 level. As a consequence, the original name ‘ESPON SDG localising tool’ turned out a bit misleading and raise expectations that could not be fulfilled. Therefore the tool was renamed into ‘ESPON’s SDGs benchmarking tool’.



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