ESPON Conference: Challenges and Opportunities for Shrinking Areas



16 February 2022

Regions, cities, and rural areas across Europe and within countries are facing different challenges and opportunities concerning shrinkage. The diversity of processes that determine those challenges and opportunities, depends on the pathways of economic restructuring, local capacities, on the resilience of local public services and on local initiatives. For shrinking areas and rural regions, new opportunities can reshuffle the cards and some territorial disadvantages might be turned into assets.

The ESPON-TransNational Outreach programme is organising an online conference on the 16th of February 2022 to address the challenges of shrinking areas across Europe, and to define areas of potential development in line with the objectives of the Territorial Agenda 2030 and the ESPON2030 programme. In continuity with the ESPON ESCAPE project, this conference will look at some of the shrinking areas in Europe that were studied within the project, with the aim to present common trends and lines for future development. It will also be in line with the European Rural development initiative that is expected to “set out a vision for the future of rural areas by 2040 and […] will also explore innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions in the light of climate and digital transformation and the COVID-19 crisis.”

Debates and presentations will result in recommendations on what actions and long-term strategies should be taken in these areas to become more resilient. Both structural and conjunctural aspects and trends will have to be explored both in terms of impacts and opportunities.

The conference will be held in English, with simultaneous translation to Hungarian.


Hungarian Versions

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