Policy brief: Role of small and medium-sized towns and cities in territorial development and cohesion

The policy brief emphasizes the critical role of small and medium-sized towns and cities in achieving balanced territorial development and fostering economic, social, and territorial cohesion. Small and medium-sized towns and cities face significant challenges stemming from demographic, social, economic, and environmental trends, making them vulnerable to crises and hindering their ability to tap into development opportunities.

Through insightful case studies, policy analyses, and strategic recommendations, the publication provides valuable guidance for policymakers and stakeholders. By highlighting successful policy pathways and innovative approaches, it empowers small and medium-sized towns and cities to design effective development strategies tailored to their unique contexts.

With a focus on achieving strategic transformation, the policy brief aims to position these towns and cities as drivers for regional development. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools, it encourages the implementation of policies that foster growth, resilience, and sustainability, ultimately contributing to a more balanced and inclusive territorial landscape.

Please find the policy brief below. If this topic interests you, we also invite you to explore the working paper on the same topic here.


RoS1_Role of small and medium towns_screen.pdf

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