Fighting depopulation in rural areas – identifying development potential in rural regions


Soria, Spain

Parador Hotel, Soria

22 May 2018 - 4:00pm to 23 May 2018 - 1:00pm


By 2050, the population of Europe’s urban regions is projected to increase by 24.1 million persons while in contrast the population of rural regions is projected to fall by 7.9 million. This fall will affect several countries in the Nordic area and central and eastern Europe as well as Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, a significant number of stakeholders from Southern Europe have highlighted rural-urban linkages and depopulation as a main policy challenge in their territories and have expressed their need to find “smart and innovative approaches to respond to the developmental challenges of rural areas”.

Population shrinkage results in a growing mismatch between the supply and demand for services and income poverty rates are higher in rural and/or intermediate regions (compared to urban areas) in several Southern European countries. Indeed, “the strongest association between poverty and rurality can be found in the Mediterranean countries” (Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy). In addition, Southeast Europe has a higher proportion of “inner peripheries”, special rural areas characterised by poor accessibility and paucity of real urban centers.

The aim of this workshop was to gain a better understanding of the challenges of rural depopulation and develop recommendations for policy makers.


Fighting rural depopulation in Southern Europe

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Luchando contra la despoblación rural en el sur de Europa

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Draft Agenda and Practical Information

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Programa del Evento (Español)

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Spain - Papel del MAPAMA en el desarrollo rural (ES)

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Castilla y Leon - Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez, (ES)

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Andalucia - Manuel Garcia Benitez (EN)

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ITI SORIA Castilla la Mancha - Alejandro Alonso Núñez (EN)

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ITI SORIA Castilla la Mancha - Alejandro Alonso Núñez (ES)

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ESPON PROFECY - Hèctor del Alcàzar (EN)

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ESPON ACTAREA - Nathalie Wergles (EN)

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ESPON PROFECY Italian Case Study - Andrea De Toni (EN)

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ESPON PROFECY Spanish Case Study - Héctor del Alcàzar (EN)

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ESPON Shrinking Rural Areas in Europe - Marjan van Herwijnen (EN)

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Romania - Alina Huzui-Stoiculescu (EN)

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Day 2 Castilla y Leon (SOCENT Project) - Paula Arribas (EN)

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Day 2 El Hueco - Joaquín Alcalde Sánchez

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DAY 2 Fundao - Paulo Aguas (EN)

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DAY 2 Murcia - Carmen María Sandoval Sánchez (EN)

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Day 2 SOCENT SPAs Project - Paula Arribas (EN)

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Day 2 Valencia - Toni Such (VC)

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