The State of the European Territory

The “State of the European Territory”, a publication that sheds light on the main territorial development trends in Europe and offers evidence and policy advice to those designing policies - especially for the post-2020 period. It is a synthesis of knowledge and evidence collected from ESPON projects in the current programming period and it is an excellent tool to help you navigate the ESPON knowledge base and extract the content that is useful for you.

You can also tailor the content and create customised reports by using the interactive online version of the “State of the European Territory” report.

The messages of this publication can be useful for anyone involved or interested in EU development policies and particularly Cohesion Policy. But the report was drafted it thinking particularly of those that are involved in the preparation of the next programming period. People preparing the new programmes in the Member States or European regions, but also those advocating borderless areas, such as macro-regions, cross-border or metropolitan areas.

The structure of the publication is following the five policy objectives proposed by the new Common Provision Regulation (CPR) in 2018. Its five chapters include evidence, case studies, data and policy recommendations for all the topics that were addressed by different ESPON projects. There are also links to these projects for more information about these specific topics.

Finally, there is a last chapter that summarises some of ESPON’s core recommendations on horizontal issues related to governance, planning and investment in support of a place-based approach.

The “State of the European Territory” report is a valuable tool for policymakers on European, national, regional and local level.


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