ESPON Study - Is your city going digital?

A continuation of the ESPON study on the digitalisation of public services in European cities and towns

Digital tools and solutions are transforming public services and how governments serve their citizens. A large number of cities have been actively engaging in the modernisation and re-engineering of government processes and services and have seen high returns through simplified governance and increased efficiency, effectiveness and outreach. However, cities face many challenges in the processes of digital transformation including re-thinking governance, allocating resources for reskilling and adopting new technologies, as well as legislative and policy issues. ESPON seeks to get a better understanding of the urban dimensions of digital transition in Europe and is therefore launching a Europe-wide survey to gather more evidence.

The survey is a continuation of the study that was launched last year wich gathered responses from 136 European cities and resulted in a policy brief about “Territorial and Urban Dimensions of Digital Transition of Public Services” which supported the policy discussions on digital transition during the Estonian Presidency of the Council of EU and supported the drafting of the Action Plan for the Urban Partnership on Digital Transition. The policy brief can be found online under

The main target groups for the survey are city/town officials dealing with the provision of public services and ICT. We welcome responses from the cities and towns that participated already last year and also from new cities and towns.

You can participate in the survey by completing our online questionnaire in a language of your choice.

The closing date for submissions is Friday, the 31st of August 2018.

Thank you very much for your contribution!


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