Lithuania - Sustainable Urbanization and Land-use Practices

This SUPER spin-off study was conducted at the request of the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania. Its aim is to integrate the knowledge contained in the SUPER Guide to Sustainable Urbanization and Land Use into domestic policymaking. More specifically, the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania seeks support for the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of the Republic of Lithuania (CPRL). In addition to the evidence base amassed in the SUPER project, new material was gathered in Lithuania to facilitate application. This spin-off offers an opportunity to test the usefulness of ESPON SUPER for policymaking.

A first step in the process was to understand the territorial and institutional context. A second step regarded an in-depth analysis of interventions. Finally, the draft conclusions and recommendations drawn up by the project team were tested in a focus group workshop.

This spin-off generated numerous conclusions and recommendations to ensure sustainable urbanisation and land-use, particularly with respect to the CPRL. These are structured as a list of potential interventions and policies for decision-makers and policymakers at the national and local levels.