Targeted Analysis: Improving Local Intermediate Authorities' crises preparedness and territorial Resilience - ResiLIAnce

This targeted analysis will identify strengths and weaknesses of the policy tools applied by the participating stakeholders for the management and prevention of natural risks and social crises with direct demographic and economic consequences. Also, it is going to assess the efficacy and preparedness of their response mechanisms (monitoring, forecasting, emergency management) in order to improve their place-based resilience strategies.

It will provide evidence leading to the adaptation of strategic resilience plans in provinces with preexisting plans (Jaén, Lucca, Hannover, Segovia) or the creation of such plans in provinces where these are currently non-existent (Harghita, Maramureș).

The European Confederation of Local Intermediate Authorities - CEPLI (FR) is the Lead Stakeholder together with the:

Aude Provincial Council (FR)

Var Provincial Council (FR)

Segovia Provincial Council (ES)

Jaen Provincial Council (ES)

Harghita Provincial Council (RO)

Maramures Provincial Council (RO)

Province of Lucia – European Service (IT)

Province of Pesaro-Urbino (IT)

County of Karlsruhe (DE)

Poznan Provincial County (PL)

A call for tenders for this project is expected to be launched in early 2024.