Territorial Scenarios for the Danube and Adriatic Ionian Macro-regions (TEVI 2050)

The service contract shall produce trend analysis and territorial scenarios for the Danube (EUSDR) and Adriatic Ionian macro-regions (EUSAIR). Key topics of reference to the territorial development that had been worked out in the respective macro-regional strategies and their action plans shall serve as a basis for the work under this service contract.

The service provider shall take into account the internal disparities and diversities between the territories of the member countries in each of these two macro-regions. The service provider shall also ensure consistency in analysing trends and rolling out territorial scenarios between the two macro-regions on account of the territorial and membership overlap.

The outcome of this service contract shall serve the purpose of political discussion at various levels (national, regional, cross-border), with other EU macro-regions and in wider Europe.


EUR 130,000.00 (one hundred and thirty thousand Euros), exclusive of VAT but inclusive of all other taxes, disbursements, travel, accommodation and delivery costs.


21 January 2021 at 16h00 (CET) | NEW DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 01 February 2021 16h00 (CET)

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