Possible European Territorial Futures

Theme: Territorial foresight studies 


The main objective of this activity is on the one hand to contribute to understanding possible territorial consequences, opportunities and challenges, of three “what-if” questions and with that to support policy development and agenda setting at relevant scales (European, national,regional and local). On the other hand the aim is to develop more general guidelines for territorial foresight studies within ESPON. Further reading please see below.

Policy questions

A. What could be the territorial consequences if a new place-based economic organisation were implemented as part of a circular economy?

B. What could be the territorial consequences if Europe’s energy production and consumption were 100% renewable?

C. What could be the territorial consequences if European property markets collapsed?


  • Spatial Foresight, LU (lead contractor)
  • Mcrit, ES
  • Spiekermann & Wegener, DE
  • Basque Center BC3, ES
  • Centre urban & territorial development, Institu Rozwoju, PL
  • TU Delft, NL
  • ÖIR, AT

Project Support Team

  • Liisa Kok, Netherlands
  • Virna Bussadori, Italy

Budget: € 499,925.00

Lifetime: April 2016 – November 2017


  • Inception delivery, 11 July 2016
  • Interim delivery, 13 February 2017 
  • Draft final delivery, 11 July 2017
  • Final delivery, 11 November 2017

Contact: Marjan van Herwijnen (Senior Project Expert) [email protected], Caroline Clause (Senior Financial Expert) [email protected]


Join the discussion and share your ideas on possible territorial futures via social media: ESPON – Territorial Futures on LinkedIn and RegioNetwork on Yammer.

More details on the focus groups organised by this project can be found HERE.