Territorial Impact Assessment of Territorial Cohesion in Italy and Europe

The International conference “Territorial Impact Assessment of Territorial Cohesion in Italy and Europe” is organized starting from the results of the Italian National Research Project (2017-2019) “Territorial Impact Assessment of the territorial cohesion in Italian regions. Place evidence model for assessing policies devoted to green economy in inner and metropolitan peripheries”. During the two days of Conference, ten Academic Units will illustrate the results of the first and second year of the intensive research activity, which involved more than fifty researchers, national and regional policy makers, stakeholders and practitioners. Theoretical contributions and methodological addresses are collected in a book that will be presented and distributed during the event. The Conference will submit to a large audience a critical review emerged by an ex-ante evaluation (status quo at 2018) of Italian Territorial Cohesion, obtained from four main determinants (dominions): smart, sustainable, inclusive growth (Europe Strategy 2020 pillars and flags) and funds spending. To applicate the STeMA Territorial Impact Assessment methodology (Sustainable Territorial Environmental/Economic Management Approach – Prezioso, 2006, 2011, 2018), the research selected 73 representative indicators; they have been covered and mapped at NUTS 2 and NUTS 3 levels in Italy, within new 7 Systemic Regional Functional Typologies for the territorialisation of spatial data. Since in the post 2020 context Italy’s economic position and prospects remain unsure, and cohesive targets seem far to be reached, the Conference intends to open a dialogue on place-evidence policy recommendations, for promoting territorial cohesive choices revisiting Regional Operative Programs towards 2020 and post. Starting from the literature on impacts of Territorial Cohesion, a first result of the study is related to the importance of regional analysis in spending, in order to provide compensatory actions for inner and peripheral areas, helping local policy needs to be redefined towards green economy policy and investment priorities. With the participation of European experts, the conference will provide panel presentations in order to fuel the debate about Territorial Cohesion development in Italy, and about the methodological approach that introduce to the use of advanced tools in mitigation of impact of a low regional spending; also looking to mid-term and long-term future scenarios for the possible evolution of the Italian economics. Some policy questions lead the development of Conference, starting from concepts, common lexicon and shared definitions: - How to let national and regional stakeholders better understand Territorial Cohesion value, and its relation with place evidence and the use of innovative tools (as TIA) - How new methodological approaches can help policy makers to make appropriate choices of investments based on policy needs. - What kind of TIA for a Territorial Cohesion policy 2020 and post , coherently with EC, CoR, European Parliament addresses. - How to move from the spatial Cohesion Policy to the Territorial Cohesion, also analyzing in deep European policies, pillars and flags - How to design territorial functional typologies able to valorize the regional diversity in policy decision making. Contribution from institutional Observers (Agency of territorial Cohesion, National Council of Italian Regions, Ministry of Infrastructures, Ministry of Environment, Presidency of the Ministers Council) are expected to enrich the discussion. Results of a survey to external academics, students, stakeholders, practitioners, etc. will be available. The Conference will collect suggestions and remarks for regional and local policy recommendations that will be developed at the end of the TIA process (ex-post evaluation) for supporting the policy/decision making in sustainable and competitive programs by an efficiently use of the EU funds (pre-conditionality of post-2020 Cohesion Policy).


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