Policy Brief: Quality of Life for territorial and citizen-centric policies

"The concept of Quality of Life complements a more classical understanding of a territory as an integral part of society, economy and environment. It adds a more personal view of territory – it is about how well we live in a certain place, how we feel about it and experience it, and what we expect from it. These aspects became particularly clear last year when we were bound to our own cities, villages, neighbourhoods and even dwellings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This policy brief describes the ESPON approach on QoL that covers three broadly formulated spheres:

  • personal – personal health and safety needs and flourishing aspirations;
  • socio-economic – economic well-being, and social and policy factors that support the survival and flourishing of all people living in the place;
  • ecological – quality of the environment and ecological flourishing

"The ESPON approach to quality of life is an important achievement that will not remain at the academic level. There is increased interest among stakeholders in its further testing and use, and it will thus contribute to implementing the Territorial Agenda motto ‘A future for all places’ at various levels" [Foreword by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU in the field of territorial cohesion, 2021]


ESPON Policy Brief, Quality of life.pdf

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