Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System
Access Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

developed by BSR-TeMo - Territorial Monitoring for the Baltic Sea Region Project.


The Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System is an interactive system granting access to a set of territorial indicators, for five domains: economic performance and competitiveness, access to services, markets and jobs, innovative territories, social inclusion and quality of life and environmental quality. The chosen indicators highlight the performance of regions within the Baltic Sea Region, and compared it to the EU as a whole. This set of indicators should be able to measure the progress in achieving territorial cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System focuses at policy makers and practitioners at all administrative levels but in particular involved or interested in the Blatic Sea Region. In addition, the tool targets the general public and should in particular benefit the non-expert users.

Each domain is divided in sub-domains, for which a total of 29 indicators have been selected covering as much as possible the entire Baltic Sea Region at regional level. In addition, headline indicators, which are statistically significant to represent an entire domain, normally available for the entire Baltic Sea Region and in time series, are presented as a subset of the main indicators.

Besides this, the Baltic Sea Region monitoring tool presents four test cases in areas of particular policy interest:

• Territorial cohesion (cross-thematic scope);
• Migration (thematic scope);
• Cross-border areas (geographical scope) and
• Benchmarking (where the Baltic Sea Region is benchmarked against the Alpine Space and the North Sea transnational regions).

This produced usable output from the monitoring system that can be utilised in day-to-day policy development and assessment.


Guidance Sheet BSR-TeMo

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