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developed by ESPON FUORE project

The ESPON FUORE web tool provides hundreds of estimated demographic and socio-economic time series indicators for several types of functional areas.

The web tool allows to quickly analyse and benchmark any of the functional areas by means of interactive maps and charts. The estimation is based on disaggregation of NUTS 2 and NUTS 3 indicators to 1X1 km grids by means of different ancillary datasets, such as the European Settlement Map and Corine Land Cover Refined, following the “dasymetric mapping” method. The downscaled indicators are eventually aggregated back from 1X1 km grid to the different functional areas.

The FUORE tool contains nine pre-defined functional areas which have been established by the European Commission and various ESPON research projects. The list is by no means exhaustive and has been selected based on territorial coverage and availability of clear geometries that can be consistently applied over counties covered by the ESPON program.

The demographic and socio-economic NUTS 2 and NUTS 3 indicators used for estimations come from ESPON 2020 Database and will be regularly updated. However, an integrated Custom Disaggregation Tool allows registered users to easily run the disaggregation-aggregation algorithm themselves. The tool allows to upload any user-selected NUTS-based indicator and estimate it by the functional area included in the FUORE tool. Currently, it is not possible to add user-generated customized functional areas.

The ESPON FUORE webtool is an outcome of the ESPON 2020 project “Functional Urban Areas and Regions in Europe”. It is built on a previous research carried out during the ESPON 2013 Multi Dimensional Database Design and Development (M4D) project which developed several OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes to estimate NUTS based indicators at different spatial scales.

Developed by ESPON FUORE project


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