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The Online Mapping Tool aims at providing access to the ESPON knowledge base in an easy and highly digestible manner.

The Online Mapping Tool focuses at policy makers and practitioners at all administrative levels. In addition, the tool targets the general public and should in particular benefit the non-expert users.

The tool has a direct link to the ESPON 2013 regional Database and is fully compatible with data and indicators included in it. This means that the data and indicators are indirectly coming from all those ESPON projects for which data has been integrated in the query search of the ESPON 2013 Database.

With the tool, the user can query the regional data included in the Database and build maps and diagrams using various NUTS levels. In addition, the tool offers the possibility combine and overlay the indicators, to choose the geography, adjust the maps, re-order the diagrams and even make animations based on indicator time series. Finally, the user can print, export, share, zoom-in & zoom-out and save the maps as a file.

The Help button gives the user support in using the tool by short explanations on all functionalities, a user guide and six tutorial videos on the following topics:
1. How to Create a Map in 3 Steps.
2. How to Create a Study Area.
3. Charts integrated in the tool.
4. Indicators Comparison.
5. How to customize a Map.
6. How to export and share a Map.

With the functionality provided by the Online Mapping Tool the tool fills the gap between providing data in tables (by the ESPON Database Portal) and providing data in fixed maps (by the ESPON Online MapFinder and ESPON project reports).

The Online Mapping Tool is designed and developed by the RIMAP Project.


Guidance Sheet RIMAP

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