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  • Scientific Reports | 23 September 2019

    The ESPON scientific report aims to support the transition towards a new quality territorial research reflect upon ideas and inspiration for the next generation of scie

  • Scientific Reports | 15 January 2015

    ESPON has promoted the scientific component of the Programme through conferences and workshops, cooperation with European organisations in the fields of regional science, geography and spatial planning, as well as with a dedicated series of reports mainly targeting the scientific community.

  • Scientific Reports | 20 February 2014

    One of the objectives of the ESPON Programme is to support the European wide research community in the field of European territorial science and to involve a wide European network of scientists and practitioners in the field of territorial research and its related fields. A large involvement is indispensable to get high qualified research capacity in ESPON projects and at the same time to increase interest and competences in research on European territorial structures, trends, perspectives and impacts of EU sector policy.

  • Scientific Reports | 18 January 2011

    Scientific Dialogue on Cities, Rural Areas and Rising Energy Prices