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  • Territorial Observations | 28 May 2020

    As part of the ESPON transnational outreach efforts, ESPON has been working together with the Austrian Institute for Regional Studies ÖIR on the assessment of counterfactual methods against their a

  • Territorial Observations | 28 May 2020

    The paper introduces potential niches for Interreg and NEXT programmes in relation to entrepreneurial development in cross-border and transnational functional areas.

  • Territorial Observations | 27 January 2015

    ESPON Territorial Observations aim at providing policy makers and practitioners with short and concise information on important new evidence to various dynamics of the

  • Territorial Observations | 1 November 2014

    Over the last years, the movement in favour of an integrated European urban policy has gained momentum. The importance of cities has been highlighted by the European Commission, and a public consultation over a future European Urban Agenda has been organised over the past months.

  • Territorial Observations | 8 October 2014

    The economic crisis has witnessed the most severe economic downturn in the history of the European Union and has reversed a long trend of converging GDP and employment rates. Yet not all regions experienced economic decline and rates of recovery have varied greatly.

  • Territorial Observations | 28 May 2014

    The challenges that Europe faces today, such as international competitiveness, climate change, energy security, demographic aging, all have a territorial aspect and hence a Neighbourhood dimension.

  • Territorial Observations | 14 March 2014

    Drawing on the results of a wide range of ESPON applied research projects, this report highlights the territorial development themes, challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed jointly by the Partner States and the EU Member States while, in addition, identifying the complementarities between each of these four states and the EU.

  • Territorial Observations | 7 January 2014

    In a globalised world, gateway cities are important focal points of social and economic development and receive considerable policy attention. Gateway cities are transport hubs, nodes in global financial systems, the location of research institutes in cutting-edge international innovation networks and places attracting international tourism.

  • Territorial Observations | 26 August 2013

    Europe’s seas have great potentials for contributing to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, as regards economic growth and renewable energy. In recent years, the role and importance of maritime potentials has received increasing policy attention, as the idea of Blue Growth has developed.

  • Territorial Observations | 4 July 2013

    Europe is currently affected by two major global challenges. One is the economic and financial crisis. The other is the gradual change of climatic conditions. Like the impacts of the economic and financial crisis, the impacts of climate change caused by natural processes but also human activities, affect and will affect the European territory. However not all regions and cities are and will be affected in the same way. In some places these challenges have little impacts. In other places, they will in the worst case reinforce each other and provide a serious challenge for future growth and employment.

  • Territorial Observations | 22 June 2012

    The sixth volume of ESPON Territorial Observations focuses on Regions and cities in the global economy.

  • Territorial Observations | 22 November 2011

    The fifth volume of ESPON Territorial Observations focuses on Creative Workforce. Regions with high concentrations of creative and cultural industries have Europe’s highest prosperity levels. Evidence suggests that jobs and growth follow these creative people as much as creative people follow jobs and growth, and attractive places.