MSP-LSI on demand service for Cyprus

This project is a spin-off emanating from the targeted analysis project Maritime Spatial Planning and Land Sea Interactions (MSP-LSI) and has been commissioned by the ESPON EGTC on behalf of the Department of Town Planning and Housing under the Ministry of Interior of Cyprus. The report draws heavily on the key methods and findings from the MSP-LSI project in response to some specific questions in a very applied and practical way.

The aim of MSP-LSI Cyprus project is to serve the policy process regarding the implementation of the 7th Protocol of the Barcelona Convention in relation to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and how this can be effectively integrated into the spatial planning system of Cyprus.

More specifically the authorities dealing with spatial planning and planning control (Department of Town Planning and Housing under the Ministry of Interior) need to better understand implementation provisions of the Protocol, particularly in relation to the following questions:

  1. How to define the geographical coverage (landward limit) of the coastal zone by applying the ecosystem approach while taking into account economic and social criteria and considering the specific needs related to geomorphological characteristics and to take into account the negative effects of climate change (Article 3)
  2. What are the criteria for adaptation of the minimum coastal zone width (100m) and where are the critical pinch points in possibly extending the Foreshore Protection Zone (Articles 8 & 9)
  3. How can policy regimes be best integrated to ensure that sustainable use of the coastal zone is effectively integrated into national legal instruments

The approach adopted will extrapolate and apply findings, principles and methodologies developed in the MSP-LSI project and adapt them to the local situation and in a very practical and applied way so that the findings are useful to the policy process.



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