ESPON Briefing 2

Mapping regional competitiveness and cohesion

ESPON Briefing 2A selection of new maps, March 2006

In the ESPON Briefing 2 a variety of current European trends are analysed in order to come to a better understanding a number of factors which need to be taken into account in relation to the Lisbon Strategy. The territorial diversity of factors like the global economy, regional imbalances, service sector specialisation, transportation, governance, demography and cultural innovation are presented so as to support a diversified assessment of the current situation.

It reveals both regional potentials and challenges to territorial cohesion, cooperation and balance within the EU.

The report aims to enhance knowledge on the European perspective for informed policy decisions that will shape the future of the continent. Communication and dialogue arising from this briefing may inform and inspire future activities in the field of territorial development at EU, national and regional level as well as in research.

NB! When printing, please be aware that the document is made like an 'atlas' (with maps to the right and a corresponding text on the page to the left).


ESPON Briefing 2

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