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 Scenarios on the territorial future of Europe and Territorial futures

ESPON Scenarios Report ESPON Scenarios Report

Thinking towards the future is an essential precondition for investigating where policies are necessary and how they should be shaped. Development has its own momentum, but policies can make a difference. The future can create different conditions for the citizens in different parts of Europe, for economic development and competitiveness and for cohesion within the European territory, its regions and cities.
In order to support a debate at European level and the involvement of regions, cities and larger territories, ESPON has carried through the applied research project 3.2 with the aim of presenting contrasting spatial scenarios for the European territory.

The report presents several spatial scenarios, exploring alternative directions of possible trends and driving forces related to the future territorial development of the EU. A scenario based on current trends is presented, followed by two scenarios providing images of the likely impacts, one from an extreme cohesion policy orientation and one from extreme competitiveness-oriented policies. The report concludes with a scenario likely to achieve a desirable territorial evolution in Europe.

The ESPON Monitoring Committee has performed as a key stakeholder group in the scenario development. The spatial scenarios presented are however the responsibility of the researchers and consultants that carried out the project.

Please note that the present report does not necessarily express the opinion of the ESPON Monitoring Committee and its members.

A short report on the main messages of the project on Spatial Scenarios, a teaser named “Territorial futures”, is available as well with the purpose of providing an executive summary for the busy reader.


ESPON Scenarios Report

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ESPON Scenarios Report

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