ESPON Scientific Report II

Applied Territorial Research
Building a scientific platform for competitiveness and cohesion

ESPON Scientific Report IIAutumn 2006

The purpose of this second ESPON Scientific Report is to document the progress made on building a scientific platform for applied European territorial research.

The approach has been using existing methodologies as far as possible and in some cases developing new ones.

Territorial observation and improvement of a European knowledge base through applied research requires a scientific platform. During 2002-2006, the ESPON 2006 Programme has taken several steps forward in providing indicators, an ESPON Database, different models and mapping tools, which have been available for partners in ESPON projects as well as for academics outside the ESPON context.

The scientific platform developed so far will provide a valuable base for future applied territorial research actions within the forthcoming ESPON 2013 Programme.


ESPON Scientific Report II

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