CityBench Webtool: Urban Benchmarking

A quick scan tool supporting investment decisions

covereb9May 2014 - Cities are important places for investments driving territorial development and economic growth in Europe and contributing to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Accordingly, both public and private stakeholders target cities for investments and business opportunities.

ESPON has developed, in strong cooperation with EIB and EUROSTAT, an innovative and user‑friendly tool for a first benchmarking of European cities. It aims at giving a first indication on suitable locations for urban investment, based on various themes such as demography, economy, quality of life or investment climate.

The tool offers a quick comparison of up to four cities in Europe (within a total of 171 Larger Urban Zones) on the basis of pre‑selected territorial indicators. Based on the results of the quick scan, investors can decide on the most interesting cities for a more thorough investigation.

ESPON Evidence Brief No. 9 “CityBench Webtool: Urban Benchmarking” is available below.

The tool is available and free of charge at:

Should you have questions regarding the ESPON Evidence Brief, please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit at [email protected]


EEB9 - CityBench Webtool: Urban Benchmarking

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