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  • Policy Briefs | 8 April 2024

    Under the guidance of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, attention is turning towards the pivotal role of small and medium sized cities in fostering balanced territorial d

  • Scientific Reports | 6 March 2024

    Are you a policymaker in the Alpine region? The final report "ESPON Territorial Studies: Quality of Life in the Alpine Area" is not to be missed: It provides valuable data, m

  • Policy Briefs | 4 March 2024

    The policy brief emphasizes the critical role of small and medium-sized towns and cities in achieving balanced territorial development and fostering economic, social, and territorial cohesion. S

  • Policy Briefs | 19 October 2023

    A working paper and a Policy brief that were jointly developed by ESPON with Nordregio and the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU (for the first semester of 2023), focusing on two of the presidency’s priorities: the green and energy transitions.

  • Policy Briefs | 12 January 2023

    At the European level, there is a raising interest in developing a common, operational definition of functional rural areas.

  • Policy Briefs | 5 December 2022

    ESPON observes that some regional public authorities demonstrate entrepreneurial behaviour when pursuing social and environmental benefits for their communities. In innovation-scarce environment, they connect temporarily with private-sector  innovators from regions with higher potential for societal knowhow flow, adopt external knowhow and ‘pollinate’ their regional markets with new opportunities. These opportunities are discovered by local firms, who in turn respond with actions adding societal value in regional markets.

  • Case Studies | 14 October 2022

    This report contributes to the Maritime Spatial Planning with two objectives: to undertake an analysis and characterization of the coastal and maritime planning and land-sea interactions from a mul

  • Policy Briefs | 27 September 2022

    Article 174 of the TFEU states that: '’the Union shall aim at reducing disparities between the levels of development of the various regions and the backwardness of the least favoured regions.

  • Case Studies | 27 September 2022

    This project, emanating from the targeted analysis project Maritime Spatial Planning and Land Sea Interactions (MSP-LSI) explores the potential spatial tensions between the deployment of renewable sources of blue energy (energy derived from our seas and oceans), with a particular focus on offshore wind energy, and other (potential) utilisations of the European seas.

  • Case Studies | 20 September 2022

    This study analyses the implementation of an Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) targeting small islands of the North Aegean Region in the 2014-2020 programming period, considering observed pat

  • Case Studies | 25 August 2022

    Looking for new activities and attractions to maintain vibrant town centres and develop appealing urban areas

  • Case Studies | 5 August 2022

    According to Davide Trussoni, president of “Comunità Montana della Valchiavenna”, Valchiavenna is a territory that has always been crossed by people and goods coming fr