At risk of poverty and social exclusion in European regions

ESPON-EB11_coverNovember 2014 - Poverty and social exclusion concern all regions in Europe, irrespective of their economic situation. The Europe 2020 Strategy highlights the importance of delivering inclusive growth, giving strong emphasis to job creation and poverty reduction in Europe. The Strategy aims at fighting poverty and social exclusion with the headline target of “having at least 20 million fewer people in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion in the European Union by 2020”.

Based on the findings from the ESPON projects TiPSE “Territorial Dimension of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe”, ECR2 “Economic Crisis. Resilience of Regions”, GEOSPECS “Geographic Specificities and Development Potentials in Europe” and SeGI “Indicators and Perspectives for Services of General Interest in Territorial Cohesion and Development”, this Evidence Brief sheds light on and compares the risk of poverty and social exclusion in European regions.

ESPON Evidence Brief No. 11 “At risk of poverty and social exclusion in European regions” is available below.

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