Secondary cities as important growth poles

eeb5-coverDecember 2013 - Europe’s second tier cities are important growth poles and have in many cases great development potentials. They play a vital role within the national urban system and often even perform better than their capital cities. In fact, secondary cities contribute substantially to the economic development in Europe and are decisive for achieving the Europe 2020 objectives on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The economic development during the decade before the crisis showed that second tier cities can further strengthen their performance and contribute even more to national economic development as well as play an independent role in the increasing globalisation of markets. Investments in second tier cities are more likely to maximise the economic potential of a national economy than a concentration of all resources in the capital. However this will require policy support, strategic investments and tools.

ESPON Evidence Brief No. 5 “Secondary cities as important growth poles” is available below.

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EEB5 - Secondary cities as important growth poles

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Map 'The 31 Capitals and 124 Second Tier cities'

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