Services of General Interest: a European Issue

coverEB4November 2013 - Services of general interest cover important arrangements, tasks and functions related to citizen`s welfare and participation. They also refer to the supply of basic infrastructure and services for businesses. On that respect, they are not only preconditions of growth and job creation, but also a fundamental pillar for the achievement of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Moreover, the access to services of general interest represents an important dimension of social and territorial cohesion.

ESPON has analysed the access to and provision of services of general interest across the European territory. In particular the SeGI project worked on relevant indicators and perspectives for services of general interest in order to provide European facts for territorial development and cohesion. Findings of the EDORA, GEOSPECS and TIGER projects are supplementing this evidence.

ESPON Evidence Brief No. 4 “Services of General Interest” is available below.

Should you have questions regarding the ESPON Evidence Brief, please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit at [email protected]


EEB4 - Services of General Interest

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Map - Accessibility of primary schools

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Map - Accessibility of railway stations

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Map - Regional Typology of Services of General Economic Interest

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Map - Regional Typology of Social Services of General Interest

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Figure - Access to primary schools

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Figure - Access to railway stations

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