Understanding Green Economy

The shift towards green solutions in European regions

eb10September 2014 - In the context of the recent economic crisis and the impacts of climate change, the Europe 2020 Strategy supports sustainable growth. The flagship initiative with regard to the latter aims at supporting the shift towards a resource efficient and low‑carbon economy and at decoupling economic growth from resource and energy use. Also the Territorial Agenda of the European Union 2020 emphasises the need for a shift towards greener, low carbon economic activities as a consequence from rising energy prices and emissions.

Green economy is about enhancing regional competitiveness and territorial cohesion in the long term, through more sustainable use of natural resources, preservation of environmental capital and fewer environmental risks.

Based on findings from the ESPON GREECO “Territorial Potentials for a Greener Economy” and ECR2 “Economic Crisis: Resilience of Regions” projects, this Evidence Brief sheds some light on the territorial dimension of the green economy.

ESPON Evidence Brief No. 10 “Understanding Green Economy” is available below.

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