Handbook 'Detecting Territorial Potential and Challenges'

coverhbDetecting Territorial Potential and Challenges is an interactive handbook for policy-makers and practitioners on how to use ESPON knowledge at local and regional level. The handbook provides:

(1) Practical and easy-to-use guidance for strategic local and regional policy-making through five territorial approaches. These approaches are designed to focus attention on important issues and to encourage new perspectives in local and regional development processes.

(2) Authentic examples of good practices derived from the regional laboratories and a collection of ESPON methods. Local and regional practitioners can use these as inspiration to identify the specific territorial potential and challenges in their region.

The handbook is designed for local and regional practitioners and policymakers working in the fields of regional development and spatial planning. It is a guide for long-term strategic development, e.g. to support the design and evaluation of regional development plans and programmes. The handbook offers different possibilities to work in a non-linear and interactive fashion and provides alternative perspectives for managing territorial challenges.

As a novel contribution to ESPON, the handbook is available through the iBook Store and optimized for iPads and iPhones mobile platforms.

More information

The handbook was developed within the ESPON DeTeC project in cooperation with the ESPON CU.

The DeTeC handbook is available for free at the iTunes Store and as PDF by following these links:



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