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  • Case Studies | 20 May 2020

    By 2030, nearly one out of every three Barcelona residents will be 60 years old or over.

  • Case Studies | 20 May 2020

    The city of Amsterdam is growing! This growth applies to the inhabitants of all ages and therefore also for older people.

  • Synthesis Reports | 19 May 2020

    The “State of the European Territory”, a publication that sheds light on the main territorial development trends in Europe and offers evidence and policy advice to those designing policies - especi

  • Policy Briefs | 19 May 2020

    This ESPON policy brief aims to inform European, national, regional and urban authorities about how to reuse spaces and buildings to help achieve sustainable urbanisation. And support discussions surrounding the reuse of spaces and buildings as a means to facilitate the transition towards a circular economy at the intergovernmental level during the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU’s first semester of 2020.

  • Policy | 18 May 2020

    Population ageing raises common challenges for cities: to adapt their environments physically and socially, so that older people’s quality of life remains unaffected.

  • Policy Briefs | 13 May 2020

    Green infrastructure (GI) is made up of interconnected green and/or blue areas that are developed through a strategic planning approach that creates solutions to problems of land conservation, ecological and social effects of urban sprawl, and the rapid fragmentation of landscapes. The ESPON policy brief "Green Infrastructure" promotes a GI approach in spatial planning that not only connects different elements of nature, but also crosses ecological and political boundaries and links sector policies

  • Policy Briefs | 22 November 2019

    The emergence of the widespread deployment of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, sensor technologies, cloud computing, open data, the Internet Of Things and blockchain, has re-

  • Policy | 28 October 2019

    A transition towards a circular economy does not happen by itself; it needs to be supported and encouraged by policy and planning.

  • Scientific Reports | 23 September 2019

    The ESPON scientific report aims to support the transition towards a new quality territorial research reflect upon ideas and inspiration for the next generation of scie

  • Policy Briefs | 5 June 2019

    The free movement of labour is one of the “four freedoms” of the European Union and its single market.

  • Policy Briefs | 3 June 2019

    Most Cross-border Public Services (CPS) deal with environment protection, civil protection and disaster management and transport. In the future CPS development is expected in the fields of spatial planning, economic development, tourism and culture. Many regions in Europe also explore possibilities to establish CPS dealing with health care and labour market challenges.

  • Country Fiches | 25 April 2019